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“This increase in the life span and in the number of our senior citizens presents this Nation with increased opportunities: the opportunity to draw upon their skill and sagacity and the opportunity to provide the respect and recognition they have earned. It is not enough for a great nation merely to have added new years to life our objective must also be to add new life to those years.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In 1963 President John. F Kennedy first designated May as Senior Citizens Month. After a meeting in April 1963 between President Kennedy and members of the National Council of Senior Citizens led to the idea of making the month of May “Senior Citizens Month,” the prelude to President Jimmy Carter’s “Older Americans Month. Historically, Older Americans Month has been a time to acknowledge the contributions of past and present older persons to our country, those who served our country, inventors, writers, and artists. Every President since Kennedy has issued a formal proclamation during the month of May asking that the entire nation pay tribute in some way to older persons in their communities, and lives. Older Americans Month is celebrated across the country through special ceremonies, events, and even fairs. In keeping with this tradition Oakland Meals on Wheels will also be celebrating “Older Persons Month.” We will be writing about special Senior Citizens who changed the course of this country for the better. People who achieved their dreams, who helped our country, who created and invented, and facilitated in doing something great; all over the age of 60. This month, the month of May will continue to be a time to celebrate those who are 65 years and older.

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